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Call Instructions: You will be blowing three notes, "who,Who,DAT", the first two notes with closed hand, last note open hand. Each note goes steadily up, from low to medium to high. Holding the call with thumb under fore end, fingers over the top, squeezing your hand in a soft fist to produce back pressure, blow "who Who" then open your hand to blow "Dar. First note can role into second, with a sharp third note. Each note with an equal distance from each other... "who Who DAT" "who Who DAT" 


Calling Tips: Call to get their attention at a distance. If the birds are approaching your spread, use call sparingly. If birds are just on the outside and about to pass up the spread, give them a call. If they return to the spread, stop calling. 

Please go to to hear audio and video instructions. 

Reedy Creek Oldsquaw Call

SKU: RD-45
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