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Mushin Sport Fishing
Striped Bass, Bonito, Albacore, Blackfish, Tuna, Cod, Seabass, Fluke and more

It’s about bent rods and always having a good time, but one size definitely does NOT fit all.  Just like Waterfowl Outfitting, we at Reedy Creek Outfitters realize that there is a time, a place, and equipment required to take advantage of all the sport fishing opportunities that the New Jersey Shore has to offer.  Based upon the season, the weather, desired species, preferred fishing methods, party size and BUDGET we are equipped to accommodate. The Mushin is a 44’ Henriques - the premier NJ battlewagon charter boat.  Accommodating parties up to six for bass, bluefish, wrecks, tuna, sharks, canyon fishing and more.  Sailing from Point Pleasant Beach, less than 5 minutes from Manasquan Inlet.  Every creature comfort and BRAND NEW custom tackle will assure that your family, friends or business associates will be well accommodated.

“Spring Special” Light tackle Trips
Jump aboard one of Reedy Creek’s numerous 17’ Skiffs and fish the marsh banks, flats, &
structure of the bays, rivers and estuaries.  The very same areas we prowl all fall and winter
forwaterfowl, you’ll hit in the spring with EXTREMELY light tackle looking for Stripers,
bluefish and weakfish.  This is truly a sporting affair with light line, mostly artificial lures
including surface poppers.  Feel free to bring your fly rods.  Limited to two anglers per
boat.  Larger parties accommodated with multiple boats.  Popular trips with our hunting
clientele who like to have a different perspective of the coast.

Contact Capt. Alan Lee  ph. 609/731-3742   email:

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