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Developed by Brian LaFay, of Reedy Creek Outfitters, in New Jersey, home of the Major Wintering population of brant on the East Coast. It's been hand tuned by RCO's professional guides, who specialize in hunting Brant for over 25 years. This call, the first of it's kind, replicates all the sounds and volume of Brant on either. coast. Sure to be a favorite of all Brant hunters. 


Call Instructions: 

Holding the call with thumb under the bottom of fore end, fingers over the top, blow thru the call rolling your tongue mouthing a long Bllleeeett and/or Bllluuuurrt while steadily forcing more air thru the call, til the end note, when your tongue should hit sharply at the roof of your mouth. Shorten the sounds, decrease the volume and air pressure as birds approach. Brant are very vocal, having everyone in your party calling can produce greater Results. 

Reedy Creek Brant Call

SKU: BL-79
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