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Many of you have asked for it and now we have it! With the help from world class carver and avid waterfowl hunter Michael Braun, we introduce our all wood Reedy Creek Brant call. This call is made from black walnut and banded in copper. Each call is Hand turned and tuned by Michael and Brian themselves. 


All custom calls are standard in the black walnut and copper band. If you would like a call made to your own specification ( type of wood or finish) Please contact us for more information and pricing. 


Call Instructions: 

Holding the call with thumb under the bottom of fore end, fingers over the top, blow thru the call rolling your tongue mouthing a long Bllleeeett and/or Bllluuuurrt while steadily forcing more air thru the call, til the end note, when your tongue should hit sharply at the roof of your mouth. Shorten the sounds, decrease the volume and air pressure as birds approach. Brant are very vocal, having everyone in your party calling can produce greater results. 

Custom Wood Brant Call

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