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About Us

 Reedy Creek Outfitters is comprised of a partnership of individuals who have been friends for the better part of 40 years. The tight knit nature of our structure assures that you will be spending the day with an individual with a vested interest in your satisfaction, regardless of your guide on a given day. In addition, each partner brings a vast amount of experience, knowledge and unique skill sets to your outing. Collectively we have over 90 years experience on the water and chasing waterfowl. Most importantly, we are fully licensed United States Coast Guard Captains, and that's very important... WE ARE USCG CERTIFIED LICENSED CAPTAINS, AND FULLY INSURED, you need both of these to guide hunts over water in NJ.  If you would like to see our credentials, we would be happy to provide them to you.

  During the waterfowl season, we have the ability to scout every day, while also making daily observations on the water, provides an incredible advantage to plan for successful hunts. Without a doubt scouting is the most important element to a successful hunt.   Combining scouting, being completely mobile, and the readiness to travel long distances to get where the birds are further increases our odds. We use what we feel are the best products on the market for our hunts. Our sponsors and affiliations with some of the largest names in the industry keep the products and equipment we use up to date and of the highest quality.

 Our experience and knowledge of hunting the Jersey coast is beyond extensive. We have been in business guiding waterfowl hunts since 1998 and have booked solid every season since 2002. We have devoted an EXTREME amount of time into this sport we love so much, well before becoming guides. Being out on the water and hunting waterfowl has been in our blood since we were kids, and there are none more committed or dedicated to hunting waterfowl... our passion and determination is truly second to none.

 The vast majority of our clients tell us they return due to our ability, knowledge, experience, safety, and good hunting ethics. We will not BS anyone about the chances on a hunt, some days are good, some days are bad, but all days out hunting with friends and family should be enjoyable - and that’s all that needs to be said.

We at Reedy Creek Outfitters look forward to having the chance to have you out with us. We are firm believers in customer satisfaction and will do all we can to show you the best hunt possible. In the end we hope you will be returning to us for many, many years to come...

Capt. Brian LaFay   
My Dad set me into the blind when I was six, and I've tried to pretty much stay there ever since.  Waterfowl and my family have been the true constant in my life, and have dictated everything i am since I was a child.

Now I am blessed to have a family of my own who love the outdoors and waterfowling as much as I do, and I am able to share all the wonderful memories, and create new ones as well with my boys. 

 My whole life has revolved around waterfowl since I was too young to remember...and I know it will stay that way til I'm too old to remember

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